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Guyancourt, 16th May, 2016 – Our environment and weather are always changing, so on a daily basis we are constantly facing pollution & smog. When we approach the spring season, we all know that some people have to manage some unwelcome problems like allergic reactions (Hay Fever) from particles too small to be seen by the naked eye. With time, micro-organisms can accumulate in the cabin filter area of the car and clog it causing insufficient ventilation inside the vehicle and a consequent “fog” and humidity on the windscreen. For these reasons it is important to maintain the right function of the car ventilation – keeping the filter clean is vital and of course you can do this by regularly changing the Cabin Filter.

Sogefi offers trough Purflux, FRAM® and CoopersFiaam brand names, two types of filters to the aftermarket that protect against external pollution as well as any bad smells:

  • Pollen cabin air filters that stop all particles bigger than 40 microns, including surroundingdust, vegetable dust, pollen, bacteria, brake residue, mould, sulphur oxides and exhaustgases.
  • Activated carbon filters that stop all particles as well as odours. In addition they reduce thelikely concentration of noxious gases inside the car that could cause both headaches andcoughing. Sogefi’s high tech design of this type of filter consists of three filtration layers: oneactive carbon layer between two layers of non-woven fibres.

Most filters in modern cars are accessible and easily replaced without specific tools. The longer cabin air filters remain in the car, the worse the accumulation of bacteria inside the vehicle becomes. This therefore lowers the flow of fresh air into the cabin. In an urban environment, filter efficiency reduces even faster, especially in traffic jams and at low speeds when exhaust gases can create a dangerous gas tunnel in the cabin. Therefore – as with all other filters – cabin filters must be changed during the annual service along with the other service item filters. In this way you do not only provide a benefit to your customers driving experience, but also realise a good margin opportunity for your business. As a reminder - cabin filters are also equipped in vehicles without an AC system.