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Now it is possible to face unusual aggressive environment, starting from very cold condition, achieving great performance, enhancing engine durability and fuel consumption reduction at the same time.

Guyancourt, 18th March, 2016 – Sogefi has been selected by Audi to supply the oil filter for its new 4.0l V8 TDI engine which will power this year's Q7. This engine will be one of the first in the world to be equipped with an electrical supercharger, and will also be used in other upcoming VW Group "flagship" models over the next three years, including Audi's A8, Porsche's Panamera and Cayenne and the VW Touareg.

The filter and module for this 405hp/443hp Euro6c engine is lightweight, comprising a glassfiber reinforced polyamide housing and cover, plus an Eco filter element that is entirely incinerable.

The real peculiarity of this model resides in the unusual location of the oil filter inside the crankcase, completely surrounded with constant flows of blow-by gas, hot oil, burnt residues that can be very aggressive and corrosive. Despite these extreme conditions the filter module has been designed to resist to all of that, on the whole life of the engine.

In addition, in order to save CO2 and thus fuel during the vehicle drive, it is necessary to limit parasitic losses, and especially, flow barriers (pressure drops) which represent unnecessary oil pump energy expenses. Accordingly, this unit has been designed to minimise that pressure drop to ensure it works efficiently at all temperatures – from cold starts when the oil is at its most viscous to the high flow rates required at higher engine speeds. It also means that the oil attains its normal operating temperature as quickly as possible from cold.

This unit represents all the SOGEFI’s filtration expertise and values in one.

Mauro Prodi, Aftermarket General Manager, said the selection of Sogefi as oil filter partner for such an important new VW Group engine was an endorsement of the company's engineering and R&D capability. "Our engineers have repeatedly proven that the Sogefi advanced filter technologies are first choice for global operating OEMs, thus creating positive, sustainable results for both us and our Aftermarket customers in terms of environmental impacts, product quality and cost," he said.

In the Independent Aftermarket, Sogefi is one of Europe’s leading vehicle filter suppliers, providing the same high level quality features of the OE/OES products.