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Guyancourt, 14 September 2021 – CabinHepa+, the brand new cabin air filter developed by PURFLUX GROUP engineers using HEPA media, offers 50 times more protection than a conventional cabin air filter*. PURFLUX GROUP is the first supplier to offer a system in Europe that filters particles the size of a virus to protect the vehicle’s occupants. Unveiled at the Automechanika trade show in Frankfurt from 14-16 September 2021, this major innovation is available under the brand names Purflux® and Fram®.

Cabin air filters have been in general use for around 20 years. They protect a vehicle’s occupants from impurities in ambient air such as dust, pollens, particles and allergens, meaning that the air they breathe is cleaner than the air outside the vehicle. Without filtration, the air in the passenger compartment can be up to four times more polluted than the air outside! For this reason, it is recommended that air cabin filters are changed every year or every 15,000 km.

PURFLUX GROUP has achieved an unprecedented level of filtration, now offering, for the first time in Europe, a filter which screens out particles the size of a virus!

CabinHepa+ uses HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) media which mechanically filter and capture 50 times more fine particles (0.3 micron) than a conventional cabin air filter.

This HEPA technology is traditionally used in medical and pharmaceutical environments, clean rooms, and the aerospace industry, where a high degree of air disinfection is essential. PURFLUX GROUP 's CabinHepa+ filters stop up to 99.97% of 0.3 micron particles*, which makes them one of the most effective filters on the market. They are able to trap pollens, dust, debris, allergens, animal dander, mold, many other pollutants, and above all any particles the size of a virus which may enter the vehicle.  This has never been seen in Europe!

This filter offers 50 times more protection* than a conventional cabin air filter!

A genuine shield against particles that are harmful to health, this filter is the protective measure for motorists, removing bacteria and particles the size of a virus before they make their way into the passenger compartment.

*according to the IEST-RP-CC007.1. test

Efficiency of ventilation systems maintained

PURFLUX GROUP 's engineers have achieved the technical feat of creating this unprecedented level of filtration without reducing the efficiency of the vehicle’s ventilation system, or the airflow of its air-conditioning.

Available to two-thirds of European motorists

From the launch date, PURFLUX GROUP  is making this level of protection accessible to the majority of European motorists. This new range of cabin air filters is available on the aftermarket under the brand names Purflux® and FRAM®. With 66 part numbers available, 170 million vehicles will be covered across Europe, representing around two-thirds of all vehicles in circulation fitted with cabin air filters!

100% made in the EU  

The entire CabinHepa+ range is manufactured in PURFLUX GROUP 's European factory in Medvode, Slovenia.

The most comprehensive offer in Europe

Regular replacement of cabin air filters is essential to the health and well-being of all the occupants of a vehicle. With this innovation, marketed under its brand names Purflux® and Fram®, PURFLUX GROUP  offers a complete solution to every motorist:

  • Pollen Filter to stop dust and pollens
  • Active carbon filter to further neutralize odors
  • Cabin3Tech+ filter to stop fine particles and allergens
  • CabinHepa+ filter to stop allergens and particles as small as 0.3 microns, i.e. the size of a virus

Further information about the CabinHepa+ cabin air filters incorporating this brand new technology is available on the brand websites: www.purflux.com and www.fram-europe.com.