Cabin Air Filters

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Because of the considerable increase of global traffic and the inevitable worsening of pollution levels, we are exposed to the attack of many pollutants that enter the vehicle interiors through the ventilation or air conditioning ducts. Extended exposure to high pollution is disagreeable and can even have a serious effect on the health of the occupants in the car.

With time, micro-organisms accumulate in the cabin, creating a hazard for the health and safety of passengers.
Multiplication of bacteria inside the vehicle (potential concentrations between 5 to 8 times higher than normal), leads to irritated mucous membranes, watering of the eyes, head aches, nausea, allergic reactions...
Inhibiting the flow of fresh air leading to poor de-icing, fogging of windows, passengers feeling tired faster.

The function of the cabin filter is essential to the comfort and health of the driver and passengers. The "stop-pollen" effect screens out even the smallest allergenic particles likely to enter the lungs and which may often lead to asthma or allergies.
Really small particles are not always stopped by the mucus of the upper respiratory tract or the nasal hairs.

Furthermore, the cabin air filter with activated carbon stops all particles and also odours. The filtering medium used consists of three layers: an active carbon layer placed between two layers of nonwoven fibres. A ‘combi filter’ (which filters out both particles and gases) reduces the concentration of noxious and odorous gases likely to provoke head aches and coughing.

FRAM® offers a complete range of Cabin Air Filters, proposing technology that is the best adapted to each type of vehicle (pollen or activated carbon filter).

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