Petrol Filters

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The petrol filter protects the engine supply system, by eliminating any impurities from the fuel. Filtered fuels thus help to increase engine performance and service life.

Located any wear in the fuel system between the fuel pump and the injectors, the petrol filter screens out any particles larger than 8 micrometres. In an electronic fuel injection system, the petrol filter must bear a pressure of six bars and have a filtration threshold of 3 to 5 micrometres.

Operational requirements related to the periodic replacement of the filter have been covered by FRAM® with lines capable of accommodating “quick” connections so that the filter can be removed without tools and with maximum reliability. To ensure a high level of filter performance and quality, FRAM® uses fully-automatic high performance assembly facility. Each part is individually tested so that it meets the safety requirements for the product.

The complete range of FRAM® petrol filters is ready for the newly approved Biofuels.

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